O3 Therapies







On this page find details of:

  • Ozone therapy

  • Cupping

  • Insufflation

  • Difference between medical and non-medical ozone





There are a range of simple and safe methods of ozone therapy, when carried out correctly.  


The simplest and most enjoyable ozone therapy is an ozone sauna.  This involves sitting and relaxing in a steam cabinet [just surrounding your body & limbs - not your head], while ozone is pumped into the unit at the correct therapeutic concentration.  


As you relax, all your body, [except your neck and head] will be bathed in an ozone oxygen steam mixture.  The steam moistens and warms your skin, opening your pores and allowing the ozone to exert its influence upon your skin.


The ozone oxygen steam mixture will also act as an anti-bacterial agent on your skin surface.


This method is advantageous in that raising the body temperature slightly is considered beneficial (when appropriate) in terms of stimulating the immune system and perspiration response.  


Also one extra benefit may also be that you lose a little weight because during a 25-30 minute session in the cabinet, your body will use up approximately 500 calories.


Sometimes other methods of ozone therapy are indicated, for instance, cupping.


Briefly, cupping is a method of ozone therapy which involves concentrating ozone over over a particular area of the body.  For instance, an infected wound.


It is usually best to start with the ozone sauna, and move on to the other forms of therapy later if they are appropriate, but, obviously as an individual you have your own needs and requirements. 


As mentioned there are many studies which have been done on the safety and therapeutic benefit of ozone therapy, some of which you can access through the ozone studies search engine, listed on the links page.


On the next page you will find more in depth details about the therapeutic working of ozone along with references to various studies that have been carried out.